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2024 Firm and Industry Dynamics Workshop

The 2024 Firm and Industry Dynamics Workshop will be held in May 2024, at The University of Hong Kong. The workshop is sponsored by the HKU Business School’s Institute of China Economy. This workshop will bring together leading scholars and researchers from around the world to discuss the latest trends and insights in the areas of firm and industry dynamics.

Organizing Committee:
Shengyu Li (UNSW Sydney)
Hongsong Zhang (HKU Business School)

Sponsor for 2024 Workshop:
Institute of China Economy (ICE), HKU Business School

Economics Area, HKU Business School
Economic Strategy and Development Centre, HKU Shenzhen Research Institute
UNSW Business School, The University of New South Wales, Sydney


Date & Time: May 21, 2024 (Tue)   | 09:00 – 17:40
May 22, 2024 (Wed)  | 09:00 – 17:30
Venue: KKL1121, Room 1121, 11/F, K.K. Leung Building, HKU
Registration: We welcome colleagues and research students to attend the Workshop.

Please register here. Registration will be closed on May 15, 2024 (Wed), 23:59 (HKT). There is no registration fee*. Seats are limited.

Successful registrants will receive confirmation email from the organizer before the event day.

* Lunch and dinner will be by invitation. Participants will be responsible to cover the passage and accommodation costs.

Institute of China Economy, HKU Business School at iceinfo@hku.hk


Programme Rundown

Day 1 – May 21, 2024 (Tuesday)
08:30-09:00 Registration
09:00-09:05 Opening Remarks, TBA (HKU Business School)

Keynote Speech

Chair: Hongsong Zhang (HKU)

09:05-10:35 Jan De Loecker (KU Leuven)

“Combining production and demand data to estimate markups”

10:35-10:50 Tea Break and Group Photo

Session 1: Productivity and Markups

Chair: TBA

10:50-11:40 “A Nonparametric Approach to the Measurement of Aggregate Markups”

Presenter: Kevin Fox (UNSW Sydney)

11:40-12:30 “Multi-product Markups”

Presenter: Scott Orr (UBC)

12:30-14:00 Lunch (By Invitation)

Session 2: Globalization and Market Integration

Chair: TBA

14:00-14:50 “The Price of Globalization”

Presenter: James Tybout (Penn State University)

14:50-15:40 “Transportation Network and Market Integration: Evidence from China”

Presenter: Shengyu Li (UNSW Sydney)

15:40-16:00 Tea Break
16:00-16:50 “Local Corporate Taxes and the Geography of Foreign Multinationals”

Presenter: Yuan Zi (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID))

16:50-17:40 “Returns to Scale, Productivity, and Markup: Revisit the Export Premium”

Presenter: Hongsong Zhang (The University of Hong Kong)

18:45-21:00 Dinner (By Invitation)


Day 2 – May 22, 2024 (Wednesday)
08:30-09:00 Registration

Session 3: Firm-Level Analysis and Ownership

Chair: TBA

09:00-9:50 “Estimating Capital-Labor Substitution in China: Evidence from Firm-Level Data”

Presenter: Yifan Zhang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

09:50-10:40 “Initial Conditions, Size, and the Biggest Push in US History”

Presenter: Zhimin Li (Peking University HSBC Business School)

10:40-11:00 Tea Break
11:00-11:50 “Firm Entry and Market Interdependence: Evidence from anti-dumping tariffs on Chinese exports”

Presenter: Chang Sun (The University of Hong Kong)

12:00-14:00 Lunch (By Invitation)

Session 4: Data and IO Table

Chair: TBA

14:00-14:40 Keynote Data Sharing: Kevin Fox (UNSW Sydney)

“Micro Data Research in Economics: Big Data, Big Opportunities, and a Heap of Trouble?”

14:40-15:10 “New IO Table in China Based on Transaction-Level Data”

Presenter: Hongsong Zhang (The University of Hong Kong)

15:10-15:15 Concluding remarks for in-room sessions: Hongsong ZHANG (HKU)

Session 5: Individual Meetings

15:30-17:30 Individual meetings with faculty members and students;

Venue: Café 1951, SCR, 15/F K.K. Leung Building

18:30-21:00 Dinner (By Invitation)


May 21 - 22 2024


All Day


11/F, K.K. Leung Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam, Hong Kong
(Surnames in alphabetical order)


Institute of China Economy (HKU Business School)

Other Organizers

Economics Area (HKU Business School)
Economic Strategy and Development Centre (HKU Shenzhen Research Institute)
UNSW Business School (The University of New South Wales‚ Sydney)
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